Write a matrix multiplication program in c++

I've used Python 2. It is very simple to use. Add these two lines at the top of the ikj-script: By the way, it is useless to combine Psyco and NumPy.

Write a matrix multiplication program in c++

Choose the spacebar to exit the application. Multiplication with tiling Tiling is a technique in which you partition data into equal-sized subsets, which are known as tiles. Three things change when you use tiling. By using the local index, you can make your code easier to read and debug.

In this example, the matrix is partitioned into submatrices of equal size. The product is found by multiplying the submatrices.

The two matrices and their product in this example are: The matrices are partitioned into four 2x2 matrices, which are defined as follows: The product of A and B can now be written and calculated as follows: Because matrices a through h are 2x2 matrices, all of the products and sums of them are also 2x2 matrices.

To quickly check the algorithm, calculate the value of the element in the first row, first column in the product. You only have to calculate the first column, first row of ae and bg for each term. To implement this algorithm, the code: The code uses these conceptual steps: The multiplication of tile[0,0] is complete.

Repeat for the other four tiles. There is no indexing specifically for the tiles and the threads can execute in any order. That data transfer does take time. Because calculating the products requires repeated access to the values in the submatrices, there is an overall performance gain.

For each algorithm, experimentation is required to find the optimal algorithm and tile size. In the non-AMP and non-tile examples, each element of A and B is accessed four times from the global memory to calculate the product.

That is not a significant performance gain.

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However, if the A and B were x matrices and the tile size were 16, there would be a significant performance gain. Modify the main method to call the MultiplyWithTiling method, as shown.Matrix Addition Subtraction And Multiplication Home simple program C++ Matrix Addition Subtraction And Multiplication.

A passionate writer who loves to write on new technology and programming simple program. Post A Comment: Blogger Disqus Facebook. 1 comments. Oct 09,  · C++ Matrix Multiplication with Threads I need to multiply 2 matrices together using threads to computer each element.

5 ways you can learn to program faster; The 5 Most Common Problems New Programmers Face; How to set up a compiler; [C++] Adding a Matrix with the multiplication of two other Matrix. By PyroBlast in forum C++ Programming.


May 05,  · Write a program to find the saddle point of a matrix (a[i][j] use c not c++. use a function named saddle to do the process. pls help. Today is the last day to submit the work.

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C program 2D matrix multiplication using malloc. By college_kid in forum . This program asks user to enter the size of the matrix (rows and columns). Then, it asks the user to enter the elements of two matrices and finally it multiplies two matrix and displays the result.

In linear algebra, the Strassen algorithm, named after Volker Strassen, is an algorithm for matrix multiplication. It is faster than the standard matrix multiplication algorithm and is useful in practice for large matrices, but would be slower than the fastest known algorithms for extremely large matrices.

Then, user is asked to enter two matrix and finally the output of two matrix is calculated and displayed.

write a matrix multiplication program in c++

Since, the program is long and hard to debug, it is better to solve this program by passing it to a function.

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