William morris news from nowhere essay

Here Morris imagines an England reformed through civic rebellion against social injustice. A young man goes to sleep and wakes up in the far future, in an England that has become a communist, rural utopia.

William morris news from nowhere essay

When he wakes the next morning from a deep sleep and goes for swim in the Thames River, he is amazed to find that the industrial buildings have been transformed into a pastoral landscape. Encountering a boatman named Dick, who is dressed in simple but attractive fourteenth-century-style garb, he begins to question him and realizes that he has been transported to an England of the twenty-first century.

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Dick takes the narrator, whom he calls Guest, to breakfast in the Guest House at Hammersmith, which resembles a medieval hall.

There they meet Robert Bobthe weaver, and Boffin, the dustman, who asks Guest many questions. A pleasant woman named Annie serves their food. As they ride through London, Guest marvels at the open-air markets, the attractive architecture, and the wooded areas and gardens that have replaced the tenements and industrial buildings of the nineteenth century.

Guest observes the playful children, and Dick tells him that they do not attend school but learn as their curiosity leads them. Guest and Dick stop at one of the small shops, and Guest receives an elaborately carved pipe from two polite children who are tending the shop.

As when he had first tried to pay Dick, Guest finds that money is not exchanged because it is unnecessary in this society.

Guest also discovers that there are no prisons, since everyone is honest and has an occupation.


When they arrive at the square in front of the British Museum, Dick escorts Guest to the living quarters of his great-grandfather, Old Hammond. A young woman named Clara appears.

She and Dick, who are obviously very much attracted to each other, retire to the upstairs room. Old Hammond explains to Guest that the couple had been married, had two children, and had grown apart, but that they are getting back together.

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The entire section is words. Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page News from Nowhere study guide and get instant access to the following:About News from Nowhere and Other Writings This volume illustrates the variety of William Morris’s prose, while focusing on one theme: the earthly paradise.

The “Nowhere” of News from Nowhere () is England in , an ideal pastoral society born out of revolution. William Morris’s isolated country home, a place which inspired many numbers of his most important designs, writings and ideas, is to be saved from dilapidation thanks to a £m lottery grant.

William morris news from nowhere essay

William Shakespeare Essay Essay Sample The introduction of William Knowlton Zinsser Essay Sample An Analysis of William Morris’ News from Nowhere Essay Sample. News from Nowhere is the most famous work of one of the greatest British writers and thinkers, William Morris.

It is a utopian picture of a future communist society, drawing on the work of Ruskin and Marx and written in response to what Morris saw as "soulless and mechanical visions of socialism". News from Nowhere is the most famous work of one of the greatest British writers and thinkers, William Morris.

What Are Utopias and Dystopias?

It is a utopian picture of a future. Read the full-text online edition of William Morris: Centenary Essays: Papers from the Morris Centenary Conference Organized by the William Morris Society at Exeter College Oxford, 30 June-3 July (). Beyond the Law of the Father the 'New Woman' in News from Nowhere

William morris news from nowhere essay
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