Why write a gratitude journal printable

Please read our disclosure statement. December for me screams goal setting. Last year was the first year that I set some personal goals.

Why write a gratitude journal printable

Set yourself some goals for 2017….

However, I want to mention that it is a great place to get creative. I love to use this technique daily to clear my mind, reduce overwhelm, and stay focused on the most important, or pressing tasks.

This mini size planner on my daily log is used more for planning snacks and baking. To-Do List This section of my daily log works just like a regular bullet journal daily log.

I use a simple bullet to indicate open tasks and put a cross through the bullet when the task has been completed.


I migrate these tasks as per regular bullet journaling. Mini Wellness Tracker and Checklist My health and wellness is a top priority. This section of my daily log serves as a reminder, as well as a way to track my progress.

But when I do have the time I absolutely love getting creative and adding some hand-drawn illustrations and decorations. It adds colour, and a real personal touch to the page.

why write a gratitude journal printable

Plus it gives me a chance to practice my drawing. Use my free printable bullet journal daily log template to create your own daily log layout.

Set aside a particular time to fill in your daily log. Choose a time when you are least likely to be distracted. Journal, write down ideas, plan meals, de-clutter your mind with a brain dump, and write down your most pressing tasks.

My bullet journal daily log includes a mini meal planner and mini wellness tracker! Use basic headers, boxes and borders to highlight different trackers, lists etc. Keep any page or banner templates handy, for example in the back pocket of your journal.

Treat your daily logging as an experiment. Alternatively, trim the page to A5 size, punch, and insert into your planner.

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Or print straight on to adhesive paper to create a sticker!Organize your prayer life with these monthly prayer journal free printables from Sparkles of Sunshine. The main difference between a gratitude journal and other similar items, like planners, diaries, and notebooks, is the focus of the action: Gratitude Journal: finding things to be grateful for.

Planner: planning and organizing your schedule. Diary: recording the events of . This free printable gratitude journal is an easy way to start your own gratitude habit. Studies show reflecting on your gratitude is a great way to keep stress and anxiety away. Even if you don't do it daily, the benefits continue weeks after.

with thanksgiving around the corner, november reminds us to give thanks for all that we have to be grateful for. that’s why this month’s planner girl provisions box came with this super pretty gratitude log.

to fit the box’s “very vintage” theme, of course, we adapted a popular bullet journal spread with a vintage record motif so you could track your “grateful hits” all month long. I looked at the handout sheets I had previously given to clients (practical tips for living a positive life), and since I love writing, gratitude journaling seemed to be an obvious starting point.

That night I sat with my journal, intending to start with three things I was grateful for that day. We had some wild fun last night as we rang in the new year.

To appropriately welcome the coming year, I quickly doodled this page for our family and guests to color, write and doodle all .

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