What are the main hallmarks of

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What are the main hallmarks of

Some schools of professional and continuing education encompass both credit and noncredit programs, some only noncredit programs—and still others are degree-granting entities within their universities.

Some oversee their own full-time faculty, while others depend on faculty throughout their institutions and adjunct faculty drawn from local industry and professions.

What are the main hallmarks of

Some focus exclusively on older, part-time learners; others are multi-generational. Some PCE units serve their local communities, while others reach far beyond their regions within the United States and abroad.

The Six Hallmarks of Cancer: Circa 2000

Some reside entirely on their main campuses; others extend to corporate and satellite locales as well. No other academic entity in American university structure is as elastic or as varied in its portfolio and purpose as the PCE unit. But these variances should not mask the commonalities of professional and continuing educators.

These Hallmarks of Excellence seek to define and develop these commonalities—and advocate an all-encompassing view of this increasingly critical component of higher education in the United States. The authors presume that those institutions that extend and empower their PCE leaders are all the richer for this faith and commitment.

Above all else, professional and continuing education is dedicated to the adult learner. While few PCE leaders are responsible for all programming that targets older, part-time students, their resounding voice on campus is critical.

Professional and continuing education leaders extend the reach of their institutions through new audiences, programs, and means of delivery.

Their passion for innovation disrupts the status quo. Their spirit of generosity branches out across their institutions and offsets the fragmentation and isolation that can jeopardize coalitions and collaboration, undermining common purpose.

They combine idealism and pragmatism. They offer entrepreneurial instincts, marketing savvy, and business acumen that allow new initiatives to flourish. These Hallmarks of Excellence presume that professional and continuing education is central, pervasive, and critical within institutions of higher learning—crossing internal boundaries and extending external ones, promoting change, and responding to current dynamics that convert challenges into opportunities.

What are the main hallmarks of

Wiser leaders of higher learning inevitably turn to their PCE units to uncover new possibilities for their institutions. This is a key inflection moment where professional and continuing education will either move more into the spotlight or retreat into the shadows. Commitment to mission, enrollments, innovation, and academic excellence are the inseparable aspirations of professional and continuing educators.

A Prelude to Hallmarks of Excellence A mission is the critically important statement where a professional and continuing education unit proclaims its very reason to exist—this is what we are here to do. The mission should reflect the overarching values and brand of the institution—and, at the same time, define the motivating vision for professional and continuing education.

This statement helps faculty and staff understand their contributions within the larger objectives, and enables prospective students, employers, and partners to assess their fit within the enterprise.

The mission provides the foundation and guiding principles for determining strategic priorities, organizational structure, resources, and bases for assessment. This mission must also align with contemporary societal and economic realities, as well as changes within the university community.

Introduction to the Hallmarks of Cancer – Jargon Wall

Thus, this statement should be revisited and reimagined periodically to be able to measure success and ensure that the enterprise is meeting its objectives. The PCE mission can expand, contract, or evolve to accommodate internal and external drivers of change.

There are several components unique to the PCE mission: Function describes the directives of the school i. Target audience identifies the learner population served by PCE programs or services.

Values articulate the basic beliefs and priorities of the unit: Public image defines how the PCE unit sees itself within the parent college or university and among its peers and competitors, its target audience, and its key constituents. When formulating the mission statement, consider the following: Is the institution public, private, nonprofit, or for-profit?

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The Hallmarks of Cancer are ten underlying principles shared by all cancers. You can read the first seven Hallmarks of Cancer articles here. The eighth Hallmark of Cancer is defined as "tumor.

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