Turkey acession to the eu essay

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Turkey acession to the eu essay

Robert klein Turkey - Armenia issue real Well, finally, it seems that the addition of the Armenia dispute itself is to some degree valid. A news story this morning in the Irish Timesmakes mention of France wanting to see Turkey apologise for the massacre as part of entry conditions.

Free online version of story I still say though that the Turkey issue be summarised in a neutral fashion and the full long piece moved to its own article. The fact that France BBC story and various human rights groups want Turkey to recognize the "Armenian genocide claims" should be mentioned somehow.

Any idea on what to say instead? Controversy There have been no major arguments for the best part of a month now. I am removing the disputed neutrality notice, adding a note to the top of the talk page mentioning past controversy, and archiving old and a bit nasty talk still linked above.

Hope this is OK, after all, any remaining issues can be revisited with a calm and fresh approach. I see on this page alot of reasons why the Europeans are hesitant to allow Turkey to join, but none as to why they would want or even strongly consider them to.

Can someone fill me in on the "Pro" side of this debate? Whatever bits not covered in the other sections can be moved to the other sections. Your reports are not correct: Turkey would only sign an extension of the existing customs-agreement with the EU that extends that agreement to all news EU-members, including Cyprus.

That however, is at best a partial and indirect recognition, as Turkey still refuses that any official recognition, trade, Cypriotic ships in its ports, In short, Turkey wants to force the EU to someting absolutely unprecedented and hugely dangerous, being a de facto right for a brutal nationalistic and military strongman regime to habe its way, and not recognise the rules of the club.

The link to Armenian Genocide exists properly where it should be, where the point is mentioned. This articles on Turkey can then be restricted to the existence of the issue and the actual and still open official demand from the EU that Turkey should recognise its responsibilities in this genocide.

I strongly agree toofor an Armenian everything includes Turkish is the place to make cheap propaganda of so-called genocide, have a good day and good propagandas.

Cemalmelih Some truly big restructuring I've just done a series of some truly big restructuring. Please tell me if you think it's better -- I think it is.

But I did change the structure in the french version. I believe that would make more sense, because that also includes the rest of the world.

I hope you don't believe points of view in english spoken countries are more neutral, even if on this article they are about the same due to translation. I think whatever POV groupings are made they are going to be flimsy.

I think its best as it is. If this article is to be a honesdt, objective presentation of facts, then also the recent anti-adultery proposals from within Erdogan's party must be included. Although not agreeing with it it should be noted that the law applied equally to men and women.

Sol —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Recently, I added a few sentences on other issues. The problems that the hugesize of Turkey, doubled with the unprecedetned difference in actual level of economic development, make it purely economically an integration tasks of unprecedetned size.

Turkey acession to the eu essay

However, this issues was removed without any reason? This issues is mentionned in many articles in financial and quality press, so it is relevznt. This removal therefore appears censorship. Why that crude replacing of the neutral description that mentions the secular values. Given that ALL current Eu states esxcept maybe for Greece, don't know details here accept several religions, including Islam, makes it imprecise to asy 'predominantly christian', where the legislation is by far predominantmly secular!Some in Turkey have assumed that there was a quid pro quo between Turkey and the EU and that the former gave its assent to the initiation of accession negotiations with Cyprus in exchange for the completion of the Customs Union.

Feb 13,  · The Long Road to Turkey's EU Accession Despite German Chancellor Angela Merkel's recent comments about keeping Turkey's European Union bid on the table, Turkey still has a along way to go before. In this essay, I will compare Turkey with some of the other accession countries – along the very specific and concrete measure of corruption and anti- corruption – to assess the claims that the Turkish accession will be radically.

Turkey’s Path to European Union Accession Turkey and the European Commission first concluded an Association Agreement (Ankara Agreement) aimed at developing closer economic ties in France’s resistance to the membership of Turkey in the European Union France’s resistance to the membership of Turkey in the European Union Introduction: Since , Turkey has had the privilege of being an associate member of the European Union.

(ARIKAN, H. ). why the EU should start accession talks with Turkey Centre for European Reform T: 00 44 20 obstacles to Turkey’s accession. The essay concludes with five recommendations for the EU and five for Turkey in preparing for the December decision.

Turkey-EU Relations: Past, Present – and Future? | Heinrich Böll Stiftung European Union