The role of advertising in marketing and the importance of targeting the right audience

Contact The Importance of Audience: Effective Daypart Targeting In years past, advertising — or, at least, choosing where to advertise — was a pretty simple task because there were only so many mediums to work with. From magazines to posters, pamphlets to newspapers and even billboards, these mediums were pretty straightforward — at least when compared to the options businesses have today! The introduction of digital media has been a game changer for virtually every industry and business, and advertising is no different.

The role of advertising in marketing and the importance of targeting the right audience

It includes various channels that marketers use to promote their products and services. Each of these elements is a vital part of any successful online marketing strategy.

The role of advertising in marketing and the importance of targeting the right audience

But today we want to discuss in depth a certain component of the paid-owned-earned POE media model. This can help your content gain more exposure.

In our latest SEMrush Chat, we discussed the role of paid media in your marketing mix with our chat participants. This time, our special guest was Gianpaolo Lorussoa PPC expert, an experienced web marketer, a usability professional, and the organizer of the ADworld Experience conference.

Today, paid media goes far beyond push-style advertising. Marketers no longer aggressively promote their products and services, but effectively incorporate paid media channels into their overall marketing campaigns to gain more exposure for their content and drive traffic to their owned media properties.

We asked our guests how paid media has changed over the last few years. Our special guest pointed out that paid media is becoming increasingly important. He explains it by the decrease of natural visibility.

For example, marketers noticed the decline in Facebook organic reach in Today the social network has evolved into more of a paid marketing platform, rather that an organic one.

Marketers are trying to reach their potential customers who are likely to be within the demographic groups that they need. The audience targeting has gotten a lot better. This helps them make their ads more targeted.

ThinkTank also added that paid media allows companies to better understand who is engaging with their ads. She assumes that the basics haven't changed — you can just do more with your ads than you could before.

The platforms, options, and ads are more powerful, and there are many more options when it comes to data and attribution. Also, both Google AdWords and Bing Ads extensions provide the opportunity to add more information to your ad. Most importantly, AdWords has gone back to device targeting for all 3 major device types woot!

Google has officially launched expanded text ads. Paid media has become more targeted, data-driven and competitive. Today, smart marketers can effectively incorporate it into their marketing mix to amplify their earned media.

Trends come and go in every industry, and paid media is no exception. We asked our chat participants to share their predictions and mention some paid media trends that marketers should be aware of these days.

Here are some key trends that advertisers should pay attention to, when preparing their paid media strategy. If used correctly, paid media can be a great way to promote your content and generate more earned media.Events are a low cost way to introduce a new product or service.

Showcasing your business in front of a live, captive audience will allow you to get buy-in to your product or service much quicker, and usually at a lower cost, than other traditional media.

Keyword targeting, geographical targeting, and device targeting are all important factors to make sure you are focusing your search advertising efforts on the right target audience. If you get in front of the right people in the right area at the right time, you can reach even more consumers searching online and increase your search advertising.

Marketing: Why is it Important?

Audience measurement

For a company or institution to grow, it must build strong customer relationships. That’s where an effective integrated marketing plan comes in. With a comprehensive, integrated marketing plan, you can effectively communicate UCR’s mission, values and messages in ways that speak to your target audience.

The role of advertising in marketing and the importance of targeting the right audience

Targeting, or “segmenting” these people means you’ll be able to build your store for the right audience, efficiently using your resources to impress and attract your potential customers.

First, figure out the need for your product or service, focusing on what problem it can solve. Knowing your target market is great, but you need buyer personas to market effectively in today's digital landscape, find out how to do that right here.

Knowing the target audience tells you which marketing tools you should be using. Marketing is all-encompassing. It’s everything your customer sees from the advertisements to the showroom, sales team, and customer service they receive. Often times, we overlook the importance of customer service while we’re doing our jobs as marketers.

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