The cold equation essay

Warp drive eliminates all that unhappy fussing with fuel, mass, and acceleration: Replicator technology that can effortlessly change energy into matter and back again without explosions or pollution or toxic radiation eliminates the need to manage supplies or carefully recycle materials; a related technology, the transporter, allows people to hop back and forth between ships and planetary surfaces without worrying about gravity wells or delta-v calculations and transporters even filter out diseases and harmful chemicals in the bargain. The ship generates its own gravity somehow ; the shields offer protection from space debris; inertial dampeners make the ride smoother and more comfortable than any of our cars, planes, or trains; keeping everybody warm is never even posed as a problem — the list goes on and on and on.

The cold equation essay

The cold equation essay

This section contains words approx. Technology should be used in a way that does not consume human emotions or limit our choices.


This theme is found in two science-fiction works: Technology should be used in our lives so it does not consume human emotions or limit our choices, though that is not the case in both stories. The Pedestrian and The Cold Equations view technology as an obstacle that limits our freedom.

The cold equation essay

Both the themes of the two stories capitalize the importance of not relying too much on technology. In the two stories our dependency on technology eventually leads to making it the antagonist.

The Theme of Technology In "The Pedestrian" and "The Cold Equations"

Technology should not control humanity as it does in these stories or it would consume our emotions, limit our choices and ultimately antagonize our lives.

Human Emotion is limited by the advancement of technology over the years because humans are given less control by giving technology more.

Both stories contain themes that center on this aspect and capitalize the importance of not relying too much on technology.

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#1) Create an accurate summary of “The Cold Equations” that details the important events of the story. Answer: Marilyn sneaks into a cargo ship that is headed for the Planet of Woden, which is where her brother lives.

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