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Exactly what I was looking for! Jun 4, Skye Foran This app comes with tons and tons of recipes. I believe it has over !

Ref guide

But time to update I absolutely love this app! Because it is YL specific, this app makes sense for me and my downline versus Ref guide apps out there. The extensive information provided is an amazing resource, especially for the rookie oilers out there!

It is definitely time for an update. The company is continually adding, removing, and reformulating their singles and blends according to specific crop availability. Kudos to YL for leading the way in the EO industry and bringing quality essentials oils into our homes. Since the app developers are marketing an app specific to one company, there is a need to update based on company availability.

Again, still your best app option for an EO reference guide.

Ref guide

I would give more stars if the issues being addressed in most previous reviews were being answered. I know that last one is wishful thinking Thanks for hearing my review! Ideally I'd be able to flag the ones I want too, which would help when I place my next order.

Also "have, but running low on" would be nice! You can make notes on essential oils, but you don't seem to be able to access more than 4 notes from the Single Oils section, and 3 notes from the Blends section. The notes also do not appear in either alphabetical order by oil, nor in the order in which I entered them.

And they can't be sorted or reordered. Not all of the oils are listed Valor II, for example, is missing so it's time for the maker to do an update.

And just in case it's not clear from the product description, the blends it lists are all Young Living blends.

Ref guide

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