Photo essay of chinatown

Exploring Chinatown in George Town, Penang Malaysia as a whole country is interesting due to its mix of different cultures and religions, but there are few better examples of this than the city of George Town on the island of Penang.

Photo essay of chinatown

A candid portrait of a rapidly changing Chinatown The photographic series "Face Value" depicts the growth and resilience of Armour Square and its surrounding areas. My parents immigrated with my older sister to the United States from Hong Kong in Soon after, I was born in Flint, Michigan, where I spent most of my childhood.

There were a handful of Chinese families in Flint, and it was a close-knit group at one point, but it wasn't until I moved to Chicago in at the age of 27 that I was able to familiarize myself with a larger Chinese community.

Chinatown became a place where I'd take my camera and capture the neighborhood as a curious outsider. I started my series of photographs, titled "Face Value: A Portrait of Chicago's Chinatown" in Since then I've amassed a wide variety of candid portraits and urban landscapes, depicting the day-to-day lives of Chinese residents in Armour Square and its surrounding areas.

Armour Square's Chinatown wasn't the first Chinese settlement in Chicago. At the turn of the 20th century, earlier settlers lived downtown on Clark between Van Buren and Harrison.

Then, due to high rent, crime, and discrimination, much of the Chinese population retreated from the Loop.

Photo essay of chinatown

The majority of Chinese Chicagoans followed one of two rival groups: The latter resulted in the building of a new headquarters on Wentworth and Cermak. Attached to the headquarters were 30 apartments and 15 shops that catered to the Chinese community.

Now, years later, Armour Square and its surrounding area boasts the densest Chinese population in the midwest.

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That number continues to grow, while other Chinatowns across the U. Affordable housing and a growing list of amenities has a large part to do with Armour Square's success.

But Chinatown also has a long history of strong civic leaders and organizations, which promote progress on behalf of the community. Chinatown's history of resilience has encouraged me to use photography to honor its legacy and advance Chinese-American visibility. I relate to the people of Chicago's Chinatown because many of their struggles and successes are similar to my family's.

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Many Chinese residents in Flint were restaurant workers, and they fostered my first sense of community. Working on this project has helped me discover a deeper understanding of Chinese communities and their way of life, one that nurtures harmony and order among the individual, family, and society.

My role as a Chinese-American artist has recently taken on newfound urgency. The United States has elected Donald Trump as president, and I can't scroll through my newsfeed without reading some article that warns of impending conflict with China.

I often wonder how this will affect the perception of my family and other Chinese-Americans who've struggled in America.

The one thing I can do right now is to build bridges through art, connecting people through the universal language of photography. I plan to continue this project and to no longer be an outsider. I recently received a grant through DCASE funded by the Joyce Foundationand I've used that opportunity to collaborate with the Chinese American Museum of Chicago on a portraiture and oral history project highlighting senior women who are connected to the Chinatown community.

The Chicago Cultural Center will be featuring my work and the work of the other DCASE artists in residence in the late spring of ; I'm looking forward to that, but eventually I want to exhibit my work in Chinatown.

I hope to empower other storytellers within the growing diversity of the United States, to redefine what it means to be American.

A candid portrait of a rapidly changing Chinatown The photographic series "Face Value" depicts the growth and resilience of Armour Square and its surrounding areas. Chinatown is one of my favorite areas of just about any major city in this world. With a large population of Chinese and other Asian immigrants (these days lots of Southeast Asians and Filipinos), Honolulu’s Chinatown is a thriving entrance to the United States. For many it’s a place to break. This photo essay illustrates how after years of decline the district is slowly changing into a site of middle class leisure and consumption, and reflects on the question of .

I took this picture of two senior-aged women taking a stroll and walked up to them to talk. They let me know they were sisters, but I wasn't sure if this was figurative or literal. One was clearly older than the other. Taken July 17, A senior-aged woman picks vegetables from a garden she tends between a parking lot, freighter train tracks, and the el.

I've seen this woman out many times tending her garden and this was near the end of the harvesting season. Taken August 3, A compact disc hangs in a home garden to reflect the sun and scare away small animals.

Photo essay of chinatown

I spoke to the woman who owned this property and she let me know about a study done about urban gardens through the University of Illinois. This first-of-its-kind study was conducted throughout Pilsen and Armour Square.

A mother and daughter wait at the corner of Wentworth and Cermak Avenue. South of Cermak on Wentworth is considered "Old" Chinatown, and the location of the Chinatown Gate marks the area of Chinatown's original settlement where Chinese businesses were first established, September 9, Chinatown Chow Down.

likes. The Ultimate Eating App to Chinatown NYC. A Very Short Photo Essay on Traveling to San Francisco An afternoon in Chinatown I HAVE LOST COUNT of how many times the airplane that I was on touched .

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Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations. Kristin Conard. Feb 2, The dragon dance at the New York parade in heypatrick.

Intermission. Travel The 25 coolest towns in America: Chinatown Pagoda Street during the celebration in Singapore.

Photos from Chinatown in George Town, Penang, Malaysia | The Road to Anywhere

Singapore is one of those places that seems to be everything crammed into one; distinct neighbourhoods, a stunning harbourfront, delicious food, large malls, crowded markets, a diverse history, upscale hotels and restaurants, and hawker centres for the budget conscious. There’s something for.

Oct 10,  · In the latest photo essay made in collaboration with Magnum Photos, Chien-Chi Chang presents us with a collection of photographs taken between . Instead there is the Chinatown Market, with all the freshest food, meat, and produce supplied by local vendors. Here is a photo essay of some of my favorite mobile photography images from Yangon’s Chinatown market. The Chicken Vendor. Fresh Flowers. The street outside the Chinatown . Nov 14,  · Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy, residents of Knickerbocker Village, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, still live in apartments without electricity, heat or hot water.

Photo Essay: Going Underground in Flushing – The Golden Mall or that I’d perhaps heard about it through the whispers of Chinatown’s oldest residents, lamenting the commercialization of.

Historical Essay. by Barbara Berglund. Chinatown scene, s. Photo: Bancroft Library, BANC-PICALB. The Chinese theater, like the restaurant and the joss house, was another frequent destination for Chinatown tourists.

The Untold Chinatown (A Photo Essay) by Bruce Takeo Akizuki / Art Changes - In Motion Magazine