Perception of potential buyers of hatchback

Horizon Before its time? As late aswhen the project was instigated, there was still no clear pan-European model strategy at Chrysler: Very little managerial effort seemed to have been expended in taking the logical decision to take the best of both ranges, integrate them and produce a blanket Chrysler-badged range.

Perception of potential buyers of hatchback

It found customers beyond the loyal DS customer base and brought the technology of the advanced, but somewhat impractical,[ citation needed ] SM to the masses. Unlike its principal competitors, the CX did not have worldwide distribution —the cost of development and improvements had to be met from a geographically small sales base.

The CX perpetuated this feature, which is not shared by virtually any other contemporary automobile, limiting the CX's potential use as a rental car.

The British magazine Car described the sensation of driving a CX as hovering over road irregularities, much like a ship traversing above the ocean floor.

This suspension was used under license by Rolls-Royce on the Silver Shadow. The CX was a transverse engine design, in contrast to the longitudinal mid-engine layout of the Traction Avant and DS. Hatchback conversions to the CX were offered by Caruna and Beutler, but not available from the factory.

Launch[ edit ] At launch inthe CX was rushed to market, with some teething troubles.

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The CX engine bay is small because rotary engines are compact, but the Comotor three-rotor rotary engine was not economical and the entire rotary project was scrapped the year the CX was introduced. The firm went bankrupt inpartly due to a series of investments like Comotor that didn't result in profitable products.

There was a choice between three differently powered versions. Developing and exploiting the CX design was not the top priority. The seeds of PSA's competitive retreat from this traditionally important segment were sown during this period of diffused efforts.

Infactory rustproofing and a fully automatic transmission were added. Diesels account for more than half the market for executive cars in France.


While the revolutionary and timeless DS achieved its greatest sales success at age 15 [26] the CX design was subject to more intense competitive pressures, peaking at age 4 Other automakers succeeded in using the CX design as a template for improvement.

In particular, the Audi introduced an aerodynamically restyled variant in CX sales began to slide and never recovered. This vehicle was based on the same chassis as the Peugeot It was styled in a distinctive, angular fashion, and fitted with self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension, and featured new electronic controls and branded Hydractive suspension.

It also featured a hatchback and a conventional interior rather than the "spaceship" instrument panel of the CX. The XM was clearly related to the BX in layout and construction, but incorporated little design and technology from the CX.

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The estate remained in production until Julywhen an estate version of the XM was finally launched. The XM at first achieved annual sales similar to the modest totals of the CX in the last decade of its life, before a total collapse in demand set in during the mid s.

It was retired without an immediate replacement in Total sales wereunits, less than a third of CX sales, but twice those of the earlier Peugeot It remained in production until the end of but barely 20, examples were sold, the lack of an estate version also hampered sales.

The CX, which had briefly been sold in China, was referenced in the promotional materials.

Perception of potential buyers of hatchback

It was sold in a variety of trim and engine options, the highest designated Pallas. The factory never offered a conventional three-box styling notchbacknor a hatchback.

It was also offered as the Familiale with three rows of seats, seating 7 people. These models had increased load capacity baggage; equipment; passengerstaking full advantage of the CX's self-levelling suspension. The Estate was the last CX to be replaced.

It was one of the largest, and because of its suspension, most practical, family cars available in Europe. The Safari was very popular with speedway riders and other motorcycle racers, as the capacious design meant a bike could easily fit in the back. The Prestige offered more rear legroom than any other standard-sized sedan in the world.

Init also gained a raised roofline to improve headroom. Prestiges often came equipped with a vinyl roof. Contemporary reviews of the Prestige were favourable.performance, aesthetic and value are positively influencing the consumer’s overall satisfaction for hatchback cars.

Therefore, hatchback car manufactures need to focus on value added activities such as consumers have better perception for the quality of brand, features and facilities.

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Utility Vehicles have an aspirational value in the Indian market (rather utilitarian). We would either love to have a people/family mover MUV at home or drive an SUV with huge Road Presence.

Our verdict on the Skoda Fabia litre Classic Hatchback. Excellent value, unsurpassed build quality and more than a smidgen of style makes the Fabia one of the best superminis around. The Citroën CX is an executive car produced by the French automaker Citroën from to Citroën sold nearly million CXs during its 16 years of production.

The CX was voted European Car of the Year in The name CX is derived from the symbol for drag coefficient, drawing attention to the car's aerodynamic design, which was uncommon in Before its time?

The Alpine was born through the desperate need for Chrysler to replace the ageing Simca / in France. As late as , when the project was instigated, there was still no clear pan-European model strategy at Chrysler: the British range consisted of the Imp, Avenger and Hunter, whilst the French operation boasted the , and Our verdict on the Dacia Duster Laureate dCi 4x2.

It's no surprise to learn that, thanks to its low price, solid construction and able performance, the Duster has proven to be a popular car.

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