Path to success game write a doctoral dissertation

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Path to success game write a doctoral dissertation

David Leadbetter's A Swing Click here to go back to the home page.

path to success game write a doctoral dissertation

David Leadbetter has developed an alternative technique of performing a full golf swing, which he has called the A Swing, and he first published his book [1] on the A Swing in May He has also posted two you-tube videos [2] [3] on the A Swing online, where he introduces the A Swing to the public.

The term "A" refers to the word "Alternative" and it represents an alternative way of performing the full golf swing. David Leadbetter states in his video that he has been teaching the golf swing for 40 years and he asserted that he last wrote a golf instructional book approximately 10 years ago because he didn't have anything "new" to say about the full path to success game write a doctoral dissertation swing until recently.

He also stated that his "new" ideas on how best to perform a full golf swing are an evolution of his previous thinking and he claims that he has tested his "new" ideas during the past two years to ensure that they pass the experimental test of improving the golf swing of an unspecified number of amateur golfers.

He also stated in his book that his target audience is primarily amateur golfers rather than professional golfers because they are far more likely to have difficulty performing the "standard" golf swing, and he particularly thinks that they usually have major difficulty in consistently performing a "good" quality backswing action.

Therefore, the major golf swing change that he introduces in his A Swing book primarily relates to an "alternative" way of performing the backswing action, and he wrongheadedly believes that the downswing is mainly "reactive" and that it will automatically occur in an efficiently natural manner if the backswing action is perfected.

Now, although David Leadbetter states that his A Swing simply offers golfers an alternative method of performing the full golf swing, he also implies in a less than tongue-in-cheek manner that the A Swing should be called the "Accuracy" swing because he believes that it will result in more accurate ball-striking results than the "standard" golf swing.

I will specifically demonstrate in this review paper that it will likely create significant biomechanical problems when it comes to performing an efficient PA 3 release action and an efficient drive-hold DH hand release action through impact.

I will not describe the methodology of performing all aspects of the A Swing in great detail in this critical review paper, and interested golfers are free to purchase David Leadbetter's book and watch his you-tube videos if they want to learn how to perform the A Swing. I will not describe many aspects of the A Swing methodology because they are not critical elements that are distinctively different to the "standard" golf swing.

However, I will describe certain aspects of the A Swing in much greater detail because they are critically different to the "standard" golf swing, and I believe that they can potentially create significant biomechanical problems that will oblige a golfer to significantly modulate his swing action in order to get a square clubface by impact.

Methodology of performing the A Swing: David Leadbetter specifies a very specific grip pattern for his A Swing technique, and he calls it the "prayer" grip". Here is a capture image from his book showing his preferred grip pattern.

He states that the hands should be symmetrical across the grip with an equal amount of cupping dorsiflexion of the back of the two hands when they are positioned on the grip. He prefers a finger grip style rather than a low palmar grip style for the left hand, which accounts for the fact that the finger knuckles of the left 3rd, 4th and 5th fingers appear to be oriented perpendicular relative to the longitudinal axis of the grip rather than being diagonally oriented across the grip as would occur if a golfer adopted a low palmar left hand grip.

path to success game write a doctoral dissertation

Backswing pivot action in the A Swing: Consider this capture image of David Leadbetter's preferred backswing pivot action for his A Swing. Note that the head is roughly centralised between the feet with very little tilt of the thoracic-lumbar spine away from the target.

This represents a near-vertical-centralised backswing action. Here is a composite image - which is a modified image of an original capture image that I copied from Mike Bennett's and Andy Plummer's "Stack and Tilt Swing" book [4] - that I often use to show various patterns of the backswing pivot action that relate to the specific topic of classifying variable degrees of tilt of the upper torso that can happen during the backswing's pivot action.

The blue line in the diagram represents the thoracic spine, the red line represents the lumbar spine and the black lines represent the pelvis and two legs. The lower 4 golfer images show the different degrees of upper torso tilt at the end-backswing P4 position of 4 golfers.

A represents a rightwards-tilted backswing action where the upper torso is tilted significantly rightwards and where the head is positioned over the right foot at the end-backswing position.

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B represents a rightwards-centralised backswing action where there is less rightwards-tilt of the upper torso due to the biomechanical use of a small degree of "arch-extension" of the thoracic spine.

D represents a leftwards-tilted backswing action, that is due to an exaggerated use of an "arch-extension" maneuver, and it is often referred to as "reverse-pivoting". V represents a vertical-centralised backswing action where the thoracic spine is roughly vertical at the end-backswing position - and it is roughly intermediate in degree of upper torso tilt between B and C.

It is readily understandable why David Leadbetter and Sean Foley choose this particular backswing pattern for their respective swing styles, and it is due to the fact that they both prefer to have the golfer pull the hands much more inwards during the backswing action so that the hands get much deeper inside further away from the ball-target line by the mid-backswing - when compared to the "standard" golf swing.Business administration is a term that can refer to many different professional tracks, including management positions in corporations and enterprises.

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