Is celebrity obsession destroying our society

Because of this, pornographic images run rampant on social media and people posting nude photos on social media has become normalized as well. Many celebrities have been celebrated, reposted, praised, and retweeted for their nude posts. Whenever celebrities, or anyone for that matter, post nude sexualized images that are then plastered all over our social media feeds, there are negative and harmful ideas that are subconsciously being placed into society. Why This Matters Studies have shown that images are the most powerful teachers because they are a visual tool that are much more easily remembered.

Is celebrity obsession destroying our society

He tells Newsweek that the pop-punk band have a new mission in music to help younger artists. Good Charlotte was formed in smalltown Waldorf, Maryland, in by the then-teenage Madden brothers, bass guitarist Paul Thomas and drummer Aaron Escolopio who left in For the brothers, it was a way of escaping a tumultuous youth—their father Roger Combs walked out on the family on Christmas Evetheir mother Robin was in and out of hospital battling autoimmune disease lupus, and they were evicted from their home.

With their anarchic punk-rock image—lip piercings, spiked hair and tattoos—Good Charlotte began their careers performing small shows, which ultimately led to recognition by the music industry and a record deal.

Their self-titled debut album was released in and received high praise, yet its sales remained modest, selling justcopies in the U. The band would continue to record and tour together for a further seven years, releasing three more albums, but Madden admits the sheen of Good Charlotte had started to dissipate in the latter years.

The group started to succumb, as many do, to the bottom-line-driven machinations of record industry executives. Good Charlotte was put on the backburner but Madden, now 37, never truly left the spotlight.

He and brother Joel released music as a duo, The Madden Brothers, and in he joined Joel as a judge on singing reality competition The Voice Australia. His name has also remained in the headlines due to his high-profile marriage to Hollywood actor Cameron Diaz in January following a whirlwind eight-month courtship.

Is celebrity obsession destroying our society

The band announced their return in Novemberand will release their first record in five years, Youth AuthorityFriday. Good Charlotte is back and you have a new mission statement—you want to guide young artists. What spurred that decision?

We feel like we have this new quest in our careers to tell artists the truth—to take our experiences and share them with younger artists and help nurture [them]. How many people survive this career? They may be alive, but do they really survive? Elvis [Presley] died overweight, on a toilet, as bad as that sounds—he was one of the greatest of all time.

Michael Jackson, I feel like he was almost not really here long before he passed away in such a bad way. All these artists were chewed up and spat out.

We went into the world and got served. It was a rude awakening in so many ways. We had all the success a couple of records in. In a very genuine way, we really wanted to make people happy, we wanted approval—the label, the industry.

The last couple of records we were making for other people, not for ourselves. We feel protective of other artists. That led us full circle back to this place where all of a sudden Good Charlotte belonged to us again and it felt like it was time.

The late music legend Prince highlighted how important it is for artists to protect their legacy and own their music—he famously kept his music off streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube.

Is that part of the appeal of going independent—to be more in control? Prince led by example.

Found out reason to live

As prolific as he was as an artist, he was just as courageous in the business. As artists we need to stand up for each other. This is not a business that is set up in favor of artists.

Where does the new music fit into all of this? Is it secondary to your mission as mentors? The reason for Good Charlotte in is to help lift the younger bands coming up. Youth Authority was important for us to go out the way we came in.From what we gather is that the society put celebrity’s life as benchmark for what a good life should look like – celebrities are put on a pedestal and they are our modern day god.

Other than that, we learn about what makes a star bankable – their good looks. Societies Obsession with Reality Television. Kayla Rivera, Joseph Cogdell, ratings and call for more seasons. Therefore, they will do whatever it takes to make that possible. Even if that means destroying someone’s relationship.

Reality television has taken our society by storm. Voting is how we participate in a civic society - be it for president, be it for a municipal election.

It's the way we teach our children - in school elections - how to be citizens, and the importance of their voice. Is Celebrity Obsession Destroying Our Society 04/02/ · Perhaps our obsession with celebrity culture is an all too human trait, or maybe it is an indicator of the impending collapse of our society.

3 Ways to Get over a Celebrity Obsession – wikiHow. Celebrity obsession syndrome is a serious concern for the society in modern times.

Is celebrity obsession destroying our society

In this paper we will describe celebrity syndrome is not good thing for individuals and as a whole for the society. Media plays a big role in our everyday lives. what are the effects that superstars have on our youth question is an easy let me explain it in an easier way.

Celebrities inspire teens to do what they can.

Obsession With Celebrity Culture And Why It Is Unhealthy: The Kardashian-Jenner Clan - Latinitas