Investigating the role of regionalism towards globalisation

Economics Is regionalism best interpreted as contradictory to the logic of globalisation, or as an integral part of globalisation?

Investigating the role of regionalism towards globalisation

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Chapter 23 What is regionalism? Creation of a new polity bringing together a number of different constituent parts. Regular and sustained interaction between states on policy issues.

Development of institutionalized cooperation among states and other actors on the basis of regional contiguity as a feature of global politics.

Creation of institutions having independent decision making authority. Concept in integration theory that indicates that states remain in control of the process and that common institutions merely facilitate decision-making among state representatives.

Concept in integration theory that implies the creation of common institutions having independent decision-making authority and thus the ability to impose certain decisions and rules on member states.

Investigating the role of regionalism towards globalisation

Concept in neo-functionalist integration theory, indicating that there is an integration spillover. None of the options are correct. What is the European Court of Justice?

The EU's highest court, ruling in disputed matters of EU law between member states. The EU's court for human rights, ruling in human rights violations in the EU. A committee representing the laws of every country in the EU.

What is the role of the European Commission? Initiating, administering and overseeing the implementation of EU policies and legislation.

Representatives of the EU investigating the operations of other institutions. Representing the views of national governments. Determining the ultimate shape of EU legislation. What is the role of intergovernmental conferences?

It is where representatives of national governments negotiate the legal framework within which the EU institutions operate. It is where EU officials meet to decide on economic policy.

It is where EU representative convene for the purpose of increased understanding between nation-states. Which of the following is a Latin American regional institution?Investigating the role of regionalism towards globalisation The question is either Regionalism poses a significant concern to Globalisation or would Regionalism builds on Globalisation.

role of the world cities (Lo and Yeung, ). Thus, the adoption of appropriate technologies is a natural and unforced consequence of appropriate architecture.

important to open the black box of the political economy of FTA formation. Where theories deliver and the “dynamic time path” issues related to the m ove from regionalism to multilateralism. Coined by welfare; and the “dynamic time path” discusses the role of FTAs as “stepping stones” or “stumbling.

4 Go-between from Regionalism to Systematic Paradigms (19 th Century) • A second sector of conceptual space (regionalism was the first) in the academic scheme of things stressed the functional role of geogra phy. Regionalism in Africa has always had a strong political motive.

“Pan-Africanism, as an expression of continental identity and coherence, distinguishes regional integration in Africa from other regions in the developing world” (McCarthy, , p.

Investigating the role of regionalism towards globalisation

14). the role of the state and states in the processes towards development cooperation and regional integration in southern africa 1 dot keet2 1. introductory.

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