Humanities test with answers

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Humanities test with answers

The membership and influence of the Nation of Islam grew tremendously during the late s and early s, in large part 20 due to the dedication and speaking skills of Malcolm X.

Like King, Malcolm X mobilized the people, leading them in rallies, protest marches, and demonstrations. X gave the speech in reference to the November 22 assassination of President John F. In the face of public reaction, officials within the Nation silenced X for 90 days. The speech not only brought Malcolm X to the 35 forefront of the civil rights struggle but also highlighted and helped solidify a strand of civil rights activism that found inadequate the non-violent policies the movement had so far used.

Humanities test with answers

Malcolm X is a highly controversial figure in black history. Many see him as a spouter of hatred and divisiveness. However, X represented an element of black consciousness that white people refused to face: For all of his fame, it is interesting to note that his mobilization and participation in the civil rights movement was actually fairly slim.

He respected some civil rights leaders King, for examplethough for much of his life he believed that 50 the idea of integration was merely playing into the hands of the white man.

He is vitally important not because of what he actually did, but because of what he said and how he said it. After years of service, X eventually broke with the Nation of Islam. Then, after a life-changing visit to Mecca inhe broke with his own previous thought and began preaching a message of cross-cultural 65 unity, and founded the Organization for Afro-American Unity.

But before he could follow this new path of more general inclusion, X was 70 assassinated on February 21,shot as he was giving a speech in New York. The perpetrators have never been found, though many presume the Nation of Islam to have been responsible.

All of the questions below pertain to the above passage on Malcolm X. Specific Detail Specific detail questions on the nonfiction passages are as straightforward as they are on the fiction passage.

They ask you to identify a specific detail or piece of evidence from the passage. For example, According to the passage, some critics of Malcolm X censured him for being: If you read the section dealing with specific detail for Prose Fiction, you probably have a pretty good idea of how to answer this question.

Getting the right answer is really a matter of careful reading, but you can use the question to help you eliminate answers that are clearly wrong. For instance, because the question asks you for criticisms of Malcolm X, it is probably a safe bet to eliminate choices C and D, which give positive interpretations of his career.

Choosing the right answer from choices A and B is really a matter of understanding the material. If you read the passage with some care, you probably remember that Malcolm X used choice A as a criticism for black leaders whom he considered panderers to white supremacists.

Inference You may remember that inference questions ask for implied information. X broke with the group politically and philosophically. X visited Mecca in X began to write an autobiography. Ask yourself what this paragraph focuses on. Now you must choose between the remaining three answer choices: A, C, and D.

Like choice C, choice D also does not seem to offer the proper detail. Choice A, meanwhile, fits the bill: Choice A is the correct answer to the question because it best describes why the Nation of Islam would assassinate Malcolm X.

Some of the questions will deal with the passage as a whole, while others will deal with sections of the passage.

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In both cases, these questions will ask you to identify the main ideas or arguments presented within the passage. The main point made in the third paragraph lines is that: Malcolm X was an important role model for the future leaders of the Black Power Movement.

Also make sure that you understand the point of the whole paragraph. If you read just the first couple sentences, you may think the correct answer to this question is B.View Test Prep - Art and Humanities test 2 flashcards _ from ART at California State University, Fullerton.

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Humanities test with answers

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