Hcs 588 quality improvement plan quality data collection

Background A tumor marker is a substance such as a protein, antigen or hormone in the body that may indicate the presence of cancer.

Hcs 588 quality improvement plan quality data collection

Many times the leadership develops the plan and submits it to their higher for approval.

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Organizations update often so the organizations can continue to make quality improvements. When preparing a QI plan the following steps must be taken: Ensure that the standards for accrediting agencies are met, ask leadership for their guidance on performance and what areas need improvement, create action plans and interventions for areas that had discrepancies by prioritizing areas that need improvement, document performance improvement plan, ensure that someone is overseeing and monitoring this project, and create a formal report that includes an executive summary, goals of the improvement plan, initial finding, action plans, and results of the action plans Esain et al, Thes e goals consist of improving Memb e r' s afford a bility, and quality of care "Scott and White Quality Healthcare.

The Wellness and Preventive Screening Referral form assists the patient in figuring out which he alth and wellnes s progr a m is right for the m "Scott and White Quality Healthcare. This form consists of patie n t s na m epatie n t s em ail and telep h o n e nu mb e rdat e of birth, and rea s o n for referr al.

The On- line Lifestyle Manag e m e n t Progra m offers tools and reso urc e s that help the patie n t mak e healt h y lifestyle choice s to prev e n t dise a s e and ma n a g e me dic al condition s. A log- in is requir e d and at the end ther e is a surv e y that the patie n t s mus t compl e t e.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Tool The strengths of using on-line lifestyle management programs are the customer has quick access; information is readily available, and easy to understand. The Wellness and Preventive Screening referral form is easy to access and easy to fill out.

The weakness for the on-line lifestyle management program is it does not give the patient a personal assessment of what they may need to do to manage their lifestyle directly. It does not acquire an in depth individual patient review.

Some patients may not be able to eat or exercise as the lifestyle Week 3-Individual Assignment 4 management program states due to an underlying condition. The wellness and preventive screening referral form does not have enough room for the patient to write their current medical needs and situation nor is there a tool that is in place to determine the accuracy of information annotated on these forms.

They both are also used to access patient information and give information to various personnel.

Hcs 588 quality improvement plan quality data collection

This program assist the customer to determine and make decisions on what treatment is more advantageous for their health care. The customer must fill out a personal profile sheet "Scott and White Quality Healthcare.

This sheet is a secured item, so the customer must give their name, gender, and birth date, in return it will give the patient their own user identification and password. For protection purposes it will ask the patient to choose a security question and answer that will be used to verify and identify person.

They will also ask the patient in what form they would like to receive program information-email, telephone, or postal mail. The form also ensures that the patient has read, understands, and agrees to the policy and terms of use.

The system is a secure system. Once the patient has entered information into the system, they receive a bar diagram report. This gives the patient Week 3-Individual Assignment 5 an idea of their cholesterol level and what they need to do to get to the desired level.

A pareto bar diagram is a graphical chart used as a measuring tool for data quality control.

Hcs 588 quality improvement plan quality data collection

Set up similarly to a histogram, it allows the organization of data to be placed into groups. Bar diagrams serve as statistical devices to determine the various ranges Schattenkirk, Another tool that is used is to measure health care quality is a scatter diagram.

Scatter diagrams are used in health care instances when cause and effect relationships are being researched. Strengths and Weakness of QI Tools Disadvantage of using the pareto bar diagram chart is that it provides no insight to the root causes Schattenkirk, For example, a Pareto bar diagram only demonstrates that a portion of the problems may occur in various areas.

The strength of using the pareto bar diagram is the analysis can measure and compare the impact of changes that occurs in the organization.

It focuses on resolving problems, the procedures and processes are documented during a pareto analysis. This documentation will allow better preparation and improvements for the decision making in the near future. Disadvantage of using scatter plots is they are not great for presentation.

Several problems occur frequently, a scatterplot is a discretization of values.Quality Improvement Plan Part II September 8, Lori Stemen Measuring Performance HCS/ Instructor Jacqueline Sommerville Quality Improvement Plan Part II For health care organizations quality data collection is an essential tool used for data collection.

Quality data collection is an important tool used in health care organizations to collect data, using those data as information. Based on those results, the findings used for strategic planning, management, and effective decision-making plans.

Data collection has been an important method and tool as. Apr 25,  · HCS Week 3 Individual Assignment QI Plan Part II – Quality Data Collection Write a 1, to 1,word paper in which you do the following: Select two to three areas of potential improvement for the organization you chose.

Quality Improvement in Maintaining Competiveness Quality Improvement Is Essential For Maintaining Competitiveness. Thesis statement Improvement of both products and production processes is the key to through better understanding of customer requirements is the key to capturing world markets.

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