Groundwater pollution research papers

The hydro-chemical investigation in the present study is restricted to the major ions concentrations, The hydro-chemical investigation in the present study is restricted to the major ions concentrations, distributions, their relative abundance, and the pattern of the variability in groundwater chemistry. The present work is aimed at assessing the water quality index WQI for the groundwater of rich iron mineral city.

Groundwater pollution research papers

From Bakersfield to the Oregon border, the network served 4. Pacific Gas and Electric Superior Ct. Masryinvestigated the apparent elevated cluster of illnesses in the community linked to hexavalent chromium.

Groundwater pollution research papers

It was published under Zhang's name—who was then a retired Chinese government health officer, in spite of his written objection—and a second Chinese scientist, Shu Kun Li. They were waiving the blue-ribbon report—the blue-ribbon panel report—like a flag.

They said to the judge, The State of California has spoken. It has said that chromium VI does not cause cancer by ingestion, and they wanted to amend their paperwork, their motions, their declarations, and move to dismiss our case.

And they got that permission to do that. They amended all their paperwork, and we were given permission to take discovery—to take depositions, issue subpoenas—and we have obtained thousands of pages of documents in connection with the blue-ribbon panel process.

Since the Hinkley groundwater contamination lawsuit, a group of California-based scientists who are part of organizations such as the Desert Sierra Cancer Surveillance Program DSCSP and ChemRisk have aggressively argued against the claim that chromium-VI is genotoxic, to downplay the number of cancer cases and to challenge that there was a "cancer cluster in the Hinkley area.

Between andthe water used in these cooling towers contained hexavalent chromium — now recognized as a carcinogen [32] — to prevent rust in the machinery. The water was stored between uses in unlined ponds, which allowed it to percolate into the groundwater.

This led to groundwater pollutionaffecting soil and contaminating water wells near the compressor station, with a plume that was approximately 2 miles 3.

We are highly regulated. There are a lot of interested parties. The other thing is it is very important that we get it right. Statistical studies "aren't capable of detecting whether a few extra people in a community got cancer from exposure to a toxic chemical. I think that's why the process has taken so long, from what I have read, both at EPA and at the state level.

So, I think they're still trying to figure out exactly what is the right answer there. In setting the regulations it was acknowledged that in "recent scientific studies in laboratory animals, Hexavalent Chromium has also been linked to cancer when ingested.

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Many of his PowerPoints and online posts attempt to debunk allegations that chromium pollution caused the cancer cluster in the Hinkley area and to downplay the number of cancer cases there. Reeves they claimed that "the cases of cancer reported during the most recent survey of through were less than what he would expect based on demographics and the regional rate of cancer.

In his latest analysis, he excludes people who were exposed to the worst contamination. In the same year, a draft toxicological review by the EPA found that hexavalent chromium in tap water is "likely to be carcinogenic to humans.The topics of the papers in this book include industrial waste water problems, sewage treatment problems associated with solids, ponds, activated, sludge, groundwater pollution, trace metals in water, wastewater virology and microbiology, thermal pollution, and oxygen transfer.

The Journal of Hazardous Materials publishes full-length research papers, review articles, and case studies that improve our understanding of the hazards and risks that certain materials pose to public health and the environment.

Papers that deal with ways of controlling and mitigating risks of hazardous materials (HM) are within the scope of the journal. Trends in groundwater pollution: Thematic Paper 1. Groundwater Governance - A Global Framework for Action Groundwater Governance - A Global Framework for Action () is a joint project supported by papers and five regional consultations.


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The main objective of this paper is to examine pollution threat, especially to the groundwater resources, around Tarapur industrial area (also called the Tarapur MIDC area) located on the Arabian Sea Coast in Thane District of Maharashtra State, India and suggest remedial measures that may also be relevant to other industrial areas on the Indian Sea Coast.

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