Extensive reading for efl learners a library research essay

Linguistics Timothy Bell timothy [at] hsc. We will write a custom essay sample on Extensive Reading or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Practical advice is then offered to teachers worldwide on ways to encourage learners to engage in a focused and motivating reading program with the potential to lead students along a path to independence and resourcefulness in their reading and language learning. An elementary level class of government employees age range was exposed to a regime of graded readers, which was integrated into normal classroom teaching.

Extensive reading for efl learners a library research essay

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Please familiarize yourself with the license before using or sharing any work published in this volume.Extensive reading is contrasted with the intensive reading which is slow reading and careful reading which will take much clip.

Extensive reading for efl learners a library research essay

Harmonizing to Sheu () “an extended reading (ER) attack appears to be most appropriate option for bettering learners’ linguistic communication proficiency and reading ability”.

Download Citation on ResearchGate | Effects of extensive reading on students' writing ability in an EFL class | Theoretical rationale and research evidence from L1, ESL and EFL supports the.

present study investigates the effect of an extensive reading program on the writing performance of Saudi EFL university students, which is an issue previous studies conducted in Saudi Arabia, .

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and may help writing teachers to recognise the importance of reading tasks for EFL writing classrooms in university contexts. much of what students write is expository.

They are usually asked to submit such assignments as essays, reports, or research papers, and to succeed in these they need the right as the EFL students targeted in.

So, even though teachers are playing their roles regarding the issues, they have to incorporate more extensive reading texts like short stories, novels, poems and others in teaching reading comprehension in EFL classroom context, and they have to encourage students and make them aware of importance of using extensive reading strategy out of.

Extensive reading (ER) is extremely important for English as a foreign language (EFL) learners as it helps them build vocabulary and develop their reading comprehension skills. However, engaging Arab EFL learners in ER might be a very difficult task especially when they lack motivation and enthusiasm.

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