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This amount is almost certain to grow, however, because of exigencies not included in it, chiefly the cost of forming a future government, given that the next election will take place in November at the latest. Other items that the Ministry of Finance has not taken into account are the cost of expanding the Buyer Price housing program, purchases of additional rolling stock by Israel Railways, paving of additional public transport lanes and a rise in the public transport subsidy, a NIS million grant to Intel for expansion of its Kiryat Gat fab and the cost of staging the Eurovision Song Contest, due to take place in Israel in May The Ministry of Finance presented updated budget framework forecasts forand to the government today. The Ministry of Finance updates its projection twice a year, in June and November, and presents it to the government.

Eilat tel aviv nightly business report

Wafa images Firefighters lift a four-meter tall golden statue featuring Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to remove it on late August 28,in the western German town of Wiesbaden, where it had been placed on August 26 as part of the Biennale art festival.

The dpa news agency reports that the 4-meter foot sculpture depicting Erdogan with a raised right arm, evoking the statue of Saddam Hussein toppled by American forces in Iraq, was removed just after midnight in the central city.

Firefighters lift a four-meter tall golden statue featuring Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to remove it on late August 28, in the western German town of Wiesbaden, where it had been placed on August 26 as part of the Biennale art festival.

eilat tel aviv nightly business report

Tasnim is a private news outlet, but is closely linked to the powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. It received a license to be broadcast on TV in Israel last year.

The station will be broadcast in English on channel 34, in French on channel and in Arabic on An Iranian family walks past the shuttered window of the closed offices of a travel agency showing the logos of various air lines in the capital Tehran on August 24, Analysts say the ruling may pave the way for more outposts to be legalized.

Children wearing checkered uniforms and backpacks thronged schools across the Palestinian territories for the first classes of the new school year, AFP correspondents reported. Palestinian school student study at their school that was demolished by Israeli authorities in the area of Khallet al-Daba south of Yatta in the city of Hebron on August 29, Police have opened an investigation into the crash.

Abbas says he complained about the law to Bosnian leader Bakir Izetbegovic. Abbas and Izetbegovic, the Muslim member of a tripartite inter-ethnic Bosnian presidency, met at the PA presidential headquarters in Ramallah today. Police on Monday arrested a year-old Iraqi and a Syrian, 23, suspected of killing a year-old German identified only as Daniel H.

The military launched a sweeping operation in February focused on Sinai in eastern Egypt aimed at wiping out militants, including from the Islamic State group, who have been waging a bloody insurgency.

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It says 13 jihadists were also killed in shootouts with government forces during army raids in central and northern Sinai. Security forces in Sinai had arrested 18 wanted suspected militants and destroyed 18 hideouts. They are fiction made up by the Fake News reporters.

Look at the lie that Fake CNN is now in. They got caught red handed! Enemy of the People! Trump realDonaldTrump August 29, Zeid also urges Facebook to more proactively address hate speech.

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The Jordanian national, who is set to be succeeded by former Chilean president Michelle Bachelet, says Facebook should not wait until a full-blown crisis erupts to act against hate speech.

At a church ceremony in Berlin, two skulls in glass boxes along with a coffin covered with a Namibian flag are placed in front of the altar ahead of the handover. The skulls of two people killed in the the Herero and Nama uprising between and are flanked by candles during a ceremony in Berlin Wednesday, August 29, before the repatriation of the remains to Namibia.

Herero skulls are packed into boxes by German South-West-Africa troops, to be sent to the pathologic institute in Berlin, so that they might be used for scientific measurements.

Courtesy Germany is returning 19 skulls, five full skeletons and bone and skin fragments that were stored in hospitals, museums and universities for decades. Rozin says the change was made after she asked police to crack down on the lap dances in line with a law against prostitution currently working its way through the Knesset.

I have worked with Don for a long time and truly appreciate his service! McGahn has had a tumultuous tenure, marked by his threat to resign last year if Trump continued to press for the removal of Robert Mueller as the special counsel overseeing the investigation into Russian election interference.

Trump said he had authorized his team to cooperate with investigators, but speculation rose about what McGahn might have specifically said about whether the Republican leader sought to obstruct justice. The relatively sparse schedule includes a lunch meeting with Netanyahu and visit to Yad Vashem Monday afternoon and a short meeting with President Reuven Rivlin and watching an emergency response demonstration on Tuesday.

Duterte has since apologized to the Jewish community over his Hitler remarks and his government has pointed out the Philippines gave refuge to around 1, Jews fleeing the Holocaust.

The president, who will be the first Filipino head of state to ever visit Israel, recently denied media reports that he was going on the trip for medical reasons, saying he would be checking on guest workers given tensions over possible war in the region. The event has become a showcase for national-level Democrats.

eilat tel aviv nightly business report

In a wide-ranging interview earlier this month, the two-term Democratic mayor — who already has also visited the important presidential election states of Iowa and New Hampshire — said he intends to make a decision on his candidacy by March. The comments come as Israel is reportedly in indirect talks with Hamas for a long-term calm along the restive frontier.

A US peace plan, which has been rejected by Abbas, reportedly includes major infrastructure projects in Gaza as a path toward easing the humanitarian crisis there. The report cites a number of unnamed sources close to Abbas in Ramallah. Abbas has kept up a regular public schedule, meeting a Bosnian leader Wednesday and a group of Israeli academics Tuesday.

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Look what we did for you.Aviv-Yafo, and looking south from Tel Aviv, you will see the old Arab city jutting into the Mediterranean. Jaffa has many artists’ shops, narrow streets, and lots of character.

Fighting broke out in Tel Aviv, killing 14 Irgun men. Yizhak Rabin, in command of shore batteries in Tel-Aviv, was ordered to fire upon and sink the Altalena after it attempted a landing there. According to some reports, factions of the Irgun (Etzel) were planning a coup with the arms.

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Jun 30,  · Speaking at the Institute for National Security Studies conference in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu said that in any future peace deal with the Palestinians, the Israel Defense Forces would be the entity protecting Israel in Judea and Samaria, including the Jordan Valley.

The Aviapolis is a new international business park adjacent to the Helsinki airport area, Doha, Dubai, Eilat and Tel Aviv. The rest three routes are to Africa, including Banjul, Marrakech, and Mauritius.

Over weekly frequencies, The last P service downtown leaves nightly at . Nov 20,  · Mar 17, – Terrorists ambushed a bus traveling from Eilat to Tel Aviv, and opened fire at short range when the bus reached the area of Maale Akrabim in the northern Negev.

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