Cs202 lecture notes

Introduction Recursion is a technique that allows us to break down a problem into one or more subproblems that are similar in form to the original problem. For example, suppose we need to add up all of the numbers in an array.

Cs202 lecture notes

Be careful to not plagiarize.

Doing so will result in a zero on an assignment and a failure in the class. A back-up should always be made in a different folder or system. There are no exceptions. There are 3 written design OO write-ups that are turned in prior to the related program, with accompanying UML diagram.

The diagrams may be hand-drawn and scanned or electronically generated and submitted as a pdf. All written design write-ups must be completed to pass CS It should be clear in the design what functions will be needed in each class and how they will be used by the other classes in your design.

There are 5 programming assignments. The programming assignments provide experience building correct implementations of object oriented situations. All 5 programs must be submitted and received a passing score to pass CS 6. Each programming assignment must include the following write-ups turned in at the same time as the program: Discuss the validity of your approach and analyze it in terms of object oriented programming.

Think in terms of analyzing your solution! This means discussing the efficiency of the approach as well as the efficiency of the resulting code. This write up must describe experiences with the debugger, how it assisted code development, or how it could be used to enhance the programming experience.

Cs202 lecture notes

Focus on program style and comments: Each program will have multiple files.Dynamic Allocation and Copy Constructors Dr. Lawlor, CS , CS, UAF (See Gaddis Chapter for more info on new and delete, and Chapter and for info on copy constructors.). Lecture – 11/15 Hashing Write an application that reads in the text of all the web pages in a website (say, rutadeltambor.com) and then lets the user type words, and tells whether those words are contained in those pages or not.

1. How would we implement this with a List? 2. Start studying Cs Lecture 9. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The midterm is open-book/open-notes/open laptop (no internet). It will tentitavely take place on Wednesday, November 7, Advice on applying machine learning: Slides from Andrew's lecture on getting machine learning algorithms to work .

Cs202 lecture notes

Classes = Data + Responsibility Dr. Lawlor, CS , CS, UAF In C++, a "class" is basically a struct with some functions inside of it. The basic idea behind a class is to collect together both data and the code that works on the data. CS Programming Systems.

CMSC Lecture Notes: Introduction to Sorting

Lecture Notes #2. Building a C++ Foundation. with. Data Abstraction (the syntax of classes) Lecture and Reference. The Concept of Classes and Objects. The basic function of a class is to define a new type of data.

Once a class has been defined, instances of .

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