Business plan competition johns hopkins

Graduate Program provides individualized attention for each student. All students are required to engage in independent research, and a laboratory research rotation under faculty guidance begins soon after their arrival.

Business plan competition johns hopkins

August 17, In a commentary published in the Aug. The authors call on the Federal Trade Commission — the regulatory body overseeing business practices and consumer protection — to be more vigilant and cautious when hospital systems seek approval to consolidate and to pay particular attention to geographic regions where proposed mergers could create a single dominant hospital system.

The authors argue that hospital monopolies can engage in practices that affect both the price of health services and patient outcomes because they operate without the checks and balances of a competitive marketplace. Such a system, they warn, could further add to the rising cost of health care by passing it on to consumers in the form of high-deductible insurance policies and higher co-pays.

Hospital consolidation, they note, is growing at an alarming rate with mergers occurring in and In addition, about one-fifth of U. Nearly half of these markets, they add, are deemed highly concentrated, with a handful of small hospitals dominated by a single powerful player.

For example, there is evidence, they say, that alignment and collaboration of large medical centers with smaller community hospitals can advance and hasten the dissemination of best practices and treatments to more patients, improving both hospital performance and patient outcomes.

By contrast, they say, unbridled gobbling up of smaller hospitals by large health care systems could have the opposite effect because it can stifle innovation-stimulating competition. Absence of competition, the authors say, can also lead to overtreatment.

business plan competition johns hopkins

This is because the business practices of hospital conglomerates can create subtle financial incentives for physicians to refer patients within the system for unnecessary testing and procedures, which can fuel further health care spending.

Similarly, the failure of a large hospital system, the authors say, could leave thousands of patients without access to health services, forcing a state or the federal government to intervene.

The good work of integrated hospitals should continue to foster coordinated care and dissemination of best protocols, the authors say, but reining in the trend of massive mergers to prevent the rise of monopolies is a vital prerequisite for a vigorous health care market.Featured Course Baltimore Food Systems: A Case Study of Urban Food Environments.

I plan to train a group of young students about nutrition. I will use the materials from Baltimore Food Systems by modifying it for a younger audience. Johns Hopkins University. Business Plan Competition. Rules. Participation. At least one team member has to be an enrolled student (either full-time or part-time) in one of the academic divisions at Johns Hopkins University.

Competitors must submit a page executive summary of your business plan idea. Teams will be evaluated to advance to the next level of the competition based on the quality of the plan or idea.

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Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Comprehensive Business Plan Development Guide is a detailed handbook for developing concise, coherent and complete business plans for presentation and review by hospitals’ senior leadership and executive boards.

A business plan scholarship presented by Fit Small Business for higher education students with disabilities. Scholarship is based on original essay. Have you written a business plan for a competition, class, or to further your own entrepreneurial ventures?

Tina is involved with several student groups at Johns Hopkins, including.

business plan competition johns hopkins
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