Banning the game essay

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Banning the game essay

Email Copy Link Copied When art gets banned in certain regions of the world, it always brings up a ton of questions: Why was it banned? Was there something reprehensible or insensitive within the art portrayed that is intrinsically offensive to the region from which it was banned?

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Is someone being exploited by the art in question? Is the banned item even really art? All of the questions lead to answers that live on slippery slopes. Like any other artistic medium the world of video games is no stranger to censorship and bans across the globe. But are these bans justified?

Well, while many games are barred from release or censored in certain countries for obvious reasons like over-the-top gore and violence, gratuitous questionable content and nudity, or excessive profanity, the stories behind the ban of other games is just downright odd.

It makes one wonder why rating systems on video games even exist. A censored version of the game were released when the first entry of the series made the leap from arcade to home console except for the Sega Genesis version, which kept all the nasty bits.

And while several entries of the series have caught a ton of flack across the globe, one ban seems a bit hypocritical in its reasoning. The ninth game in the series, Mortal Kombat found itself on the wrong side of South Korean sensors. The game was banned for excessive violence.

One concern stems from the idea that these virtual battles may provoke gambling, which is a big no-no in Saudi.

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The Higher Committee for Scientific Research and Islamic Law has also accused Pokemon of being offensive since some of the cards display religious symbols from various religions. It seems odd that a yellow cartoon rat that shoots lighting at water-spraying turtle monster would cause such an uproar.

Several games have been banned from the country or edited to meet their standards regarding the level of violence they can depict.

Banning the game essay

The major offense OFLC sited was the various narcotics that could be used within the game. This refusal has for classification has come down of games before. Both Narc and Blitz: But never has a game with such a high profile faced this scrutiny.

Luckily for Australian fans, Bethesda edited the game for classification, which it got. A civilian court in San Paulo, Brazil sued Rockstar for copyright infringement.

As it turns out there was a song in the expansion for Grand Theft Auto: What seemed to be a glaring oversight, wound up becoming a huge ordeal.

Banning the game essay

The expansion was collected from stores throughout Brazil and later the rest of the world!Following their decision to ban ‘The War Game’, and despite - or perhaps because of - growing public outcry, the BBC organized a series of private screenings at the British Film Institute’s National Film Theatre during a week in February, Banning Smoking in public places.

This banning prohibition law was in the interest of non-smokers as they are able now to go to public buildings and finish their official transactions without being hurt by smokers around them.

If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays. Essay about The Banning of Alcohol Words 5 Pages When people think about alcohol, they think about a strong colorless volatile flammable liquid that is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer, spirits, and other drinks.

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Humanity has always had a passion for pastimes and has accordingly created an immense. Should the Government Ban the Sale of Violent Video Games? “Too many of the video games marketed to our children teach them all of the wrong lessons and values” (Whitehead ). These are the words from the Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich who is trying to outlaw the sale of violent video games.

For several years, there have been debates across the country about the banning of plastic bags, and the ban has recently gained momentum with it being passed statewide for the first time in California.

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