An overview of romania

Roman soldiers fighting Dacians, depiction based on a bas-relief from the Arch of Constantine in Rome The territorial extent of the Kingdom of Dacia in 82 B. Pagan sanctuaries at Sarmizegetusa Regiathe former capital of the Dacian Kingdomnow part of Hunedoara County Prior to the Roman conquest of Dacia, the territories between the Danube and Dniester rivers were inhabited by various Thracian peoplesincluding the Dacians and the Getae.

An overview of romania

The Carpathian Mountains form the heart of the country and are divided into three ranges.

An overview of romania

The East Carpathians, 2. There are rich arable plains in the south which include the Baragan Plains to the east and Oltenian Plains to the west.

In addition, around 3, glacial ponds, lakes and coastal lagoons are also found throughout the country. Romania has a continental climate characterized by cold snowy winters and warm summers. In the Carpathian Mountains the summers are cooler and wetter.

The prevailing winds are from the north to northeast and are hot and dry during summer while in winter they are cold and severe. Average annual precipitation is mm 25 inches while average temperature ranges in Bucharest are from -2 degrees Celsius 28 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to 21 degrees Celsius 70 degrees Fahrenheit in summer.

Density; 98 persons per sq km persons per sq mi Life Expectancy at Birth; Infant Mortality Rate; The official language is Romanian which is spoken by most of the population while Hungarian and German are also widely understood.

Aged 25 or over and having attained: Literacy; literate population aged 15 or over In King Michael was forced to abdicate and Romania was officially declared the People's Republic.

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From to the socialist government embarked on a nationalization program and collectivized agriculture. In Gheorghiu-Dej negotiated the withdrawal of Soviet troops and asserted the nations control over its own affairs. Ceausescu condemned the invasion.

An overview of romania

In US Pres. Richard Nixon visited Romania which was the first visit by an American president to a communist country since In an earthquake caused around 1, deaths and widespread property damage. Ceausescu announced a policy of systemization which resulted in the demolition of 7, rural villages and the forced relocation of the inhabitants to agro-industrial centers.

Within days the protests had escalated and reached the capital which resulted in the security police again opening fire on the demonstrators, killing dozens more. Ceausescu and his wife were subsequently tried by a Military Tribunal and executed by a firing squad.

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After elections in May interim Pres. Iliescu was elected President and inaugurated on June 20, On April 5, Pres. In July the government passed legislation on the privatization of state enterprises while the government continued to withdraw state subsidies that led to increasing prices for essential services and basic foodstuffs.

Upon Prime Minister Stolojan's appointment he introduce a six month freeze on price increases and announced plans to deal with the growing food and energy shortages.

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In the government implemented an IMF recommended plan to reduce state subsidies on consumer goods. On April 25, the deposed King Michael was allowed to visit his country following a 45 year absence and drew several hundred thousand people to an Easter mass he attended.

In June Romania signed an agreement with the IMF that required the government to restrict the monthly inflation rate to 1.Romania is beautiful in its complexity: with its numerous natural beauties of an exceptional richness, divers views and a cultural patrimony without equivalent, the country offers a never ending pool of attractions and welcomes anyone with friendship and joy.

Romania held parliamentary elections in December A governing coalition composed of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Liberal-Democratic Alliance (ALDE) appointed a cabinet on January 29, , following the resignation of a short-lived cabinet that governed from June to January An overview of some of the aspects of Romanian culture such as Romania's flag, its ancient history, and folk art will show you how unique this country is.

You'll get ideas for souvenirs you might find when you visit Romania and learn about other aspects of Romania that you'll encounter on your visit. Romania, country of southeastern Europe. The national capital is Bucharest. Romania was occupied by Soviet troops in and became a satellite of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) in The country was under communist rule from until Romania (/ r oʊ ˈ m eɪ n i ə / () ro-MAY-nee-ə; Romanian: România [r o m ɨ ˈ n i.

a] ()) is a country located at the crossroads of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern borders the Black Sea to the southeast, Bulgaria to the south, Ukraine to the north, Hungary to the west, Serbia to the southwest, and Moldova to the east.

It has a predominantly temperate-continental climate. Romania’s prudent macroeconomic management has enabled a quick recovery from the global financial crisis. Economic activity picked up in and is forecasted to reach around % in , driven by the gradual improvement in the domestic demand, led by the private consumption, and by exports, mainly to the EU.

Romania's economic growth potential can be further enhanced by staying on track.

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