A step by step analysis of how to set up an aquarium

Below are step-by-step instructions, with photo illustrations, of how to start up an aquarium. Position the undergravel filter plate in the bottom of the tank.

A step by step analysis of how to set up an aquarium

Freshwater Aquarium Setup

Bubbles from heavy coating of diatoms on substrate surface! Probably the most common brown algae are the brown diatoms. These algae can be sheet or film-like in appearance, appear as tiny brown dots on the aquarium inside panels, or cover the substrate surface where there is sufficient light.

Depending upon the amount of silicate in solution, their growth can present anything from minor to major labor-intensive cleaning tasks. Besides appearance, when heavily coating objects it can photosynthesize and produce oxygen bubbles, which in severe cases may raise pH to dangerously high levels above 8.

Another type of problematic slime-like brown alga is caused by a dinoflagellate.

A step by step analysis of how to set up an aquarium

It can result in large areas, including the surfaces of invertebrates, being coated in a brown gelatinous mass. It is usually introduced on a new piece of live rock or coral animal and can easily become problematic if the bulk water is rich in organic material.

This free-swimming alga is extremely difficult to cure. Silicate is not one of its needs as is the case with diatoms. Unfortunately calcium carbonate is. Keep in mind a small microscope would help identify which form of brown algae is in the aquarium. If the alga cell has a flagellum, i. Green Microalgae Ostreobium, a boring type of microalgae There is a particular parasitic form of green microalgae that can occur in the calcium carbonate skeleton of stony corals.

A step by step analysis of how to set up an aquarium

This boring microalgae, Ostreobium, grows inside coral skeleton material. It reduces the structural strength of the skeleton material and interferes with the animal depositing new skeleton material. Any stony coral that may exhibit a greenish coloration in its skeleton should not be purchased, as curing the problem area is not feasible.

The nitrogen-laden compounds, such as ammonium, nitrite, and nitrate, were already discussed in Chapter Maintaining Low Phosphate Levels Most aquarists realize that once system nutrients become excessive, growths of unwanted forms of algae are a very real possibility, if not already occurring.

Unfortunately, some aquarists fail to realize why and where these nutrients come from, thereby failing to limit their introduction or accumulation in their closed systems. And since phosphate is one of the more important nutrients, it is vital to understand where this compound comes from and how to limit its accumulation in closed systems.

Phosphate is a compound, which consists of phosphorus P and oxygen O. During microbial processes, they combine forming a compound called phosphate. It consists of one atom of phosphorus and four atoms of oxygen PO4.

Saltwater Aquarium Tank Setup Guide

As for phosphorus, it is an important; in fact a necessary building block in all life as it is part of every DNA molecule. There are two other forms of phosphorus: Yet, is still needed in minute quantities by animals, including symbiotic and coralline algae.

Some of these kits have a low reading of 0.by Bob Goemans Chapter 12 – Algae: the Good, Bad, and Ugly Now with the system goal chosen, necessary equipment purchased to establish it, and well armed with system filtration techniques and seawater generalities, the next logical step is to explore what that system will need in on-going maintenance to remain a healthy environment for its .

A mmonia is one of the most studied chemicals in aquaria, and the details of its uptake, excretion and mechanisms of toxicity continue to occupy many research scientists. Because of its high toxicity, it is critically important in both freshwater and marine systems.

Silver, 22"; diameter X 21";H.

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