A personal opinion on the importance of music in film

Your music is fucking garbage. There, I said it.

A personal opinion on the importance of music in film

The Wizard of Oz Composer: A dark adult fairy tale? A subversive camp classic? Even a snuff movie? In contrast, the moment when the bicycles soar though the air in E. The music in the film up to that point is quite low-key but it finally takes flight with a magnificent thrilling melody on the high strings.

Nor is his more recent work any less potent. A score like Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is a masterpiece of colour. Unlike so many contemporary scores, it explores the whole range of orchestral possibilities. Further, he succeeds in capturing the flighty wit of Catch Me if You Can with crisp, jazzy textures, while Minority Report conveys a disturbing futuristic vision through dissonant strings.

I. Introduction

And, like all his scores, there are moments of unexpected beauty. My mum was a Bharatanatyam dancer and always played a lot of Indian classical music in the house, so I was always aware of great sitar playing, of Ravi Shankar, Vilayat Khan and Imrat Khan.

The film, my favourite of all time, is the directorial debut of Satyajit Ray. It contains a lot of themes, all of which concern family, love and redemption.

Each raga you play as an Indian classical performer is associated with a different time of day, or a different mood, and as Ravi Shankar is the great exponent of Indian classical music, he was able to play in a lot of different ways, incorporating the myriad mood changes of the film.

Apparently Ravi Shankar created the music in 11 hours straight, in one session, because he was in the middle of a tight touring schedule.

Subrata actually also played the sitar on some parts, but it is Ravi Shankar throughout most of the film. The result was an era-defining soundtrack which put Ludwig van Beethoven and Henry Purcell through the electronic mincer, turning a generation of young rebels into twisted music historians.

Forsaking orchestral sounds, Morricone used gunshots, cracking whips, choral voices, Sicilian folk instruments and the then-new Fender electric guitar to punctuate the action.

As Morricone is Italian, he does more than merely replicate the sounds that are synonymous with America. An Austrian, Korngold was the son of a feared music critic, and yet the vivacious music he brought to Hollywood was anything but austere. Korngold treated the Flynn films as light operas without songs.

All the immense pleasure of The Adventures of Robin Hood, which pits Robin against a scheming Norman Prince John, comes from an ever-present feeling of knockabout bonhomie.

The ebullient way Korngold handles his medley of themes over the title cards, and then the transition into the film via medieval kettle drums, is a typically winning key to that feeling.

Oh, and this is the film that virtually invented chase music. But the authorities did eventually allow them to work together on this sweeping history saga of the medieval Russian folk hero Nevsky. The final result was not only epic cinema on the grandest of scales but a rare example of a film-maker and a composer working together, rather than a score being written after the film has been cut.

In his early career, Eisenstein had resisted non-realistic music because he felt it blunted the effect of his montage image assaults. There was an issue which I felt had to be discussed, and John felt it, too.

A personal opinion on the importance of music in film

I, on the other hand, am white and from Luton. He was re-recording his theme for the new version and we used to spend an hour or two a couple of times a week jamming over grooves I had got together for various cues, or just talking about beating the system and how he lost his gold-plated Cadillac.

He would sometimes bring in a track he had been working on, and sing me the vocal part while the sun went down and the lights went on in Times Square.

Then he would disappear for a few days to do gigs elsewhere in America with his band.

There would have been no demos to get approved in those days: Not only is the music wonderfully alive but the writing is so natural, earthy and sexy. Inevitably, having scored the remake, I have a new appreciation for its ground-breaking genius.

Like John Barry, Isaac Hayes is an impossibly tough act to follow. The scenes in which Moreau wanders the Champs-Elysees while Miles and his band brood over the blues are exhilarating in their anguished perfection.

He has an hour before the noon train arrives to prepare and suddenly no one wants to help him. Its melody is the basis for the whole of the landmark score by Dimitri Tiomkin, one of several by the great Ukrainian. For a major Hollywood score to begin with just a singer, guitar, accordion and drums was unheard of, but the lack of strings in the later orchestration makes it even starker.

Much of its long-lasting appeal is down to a pulsating score by Greek composer Vangelis, which provides an awe-inspiring backdrop to the enigmatic, eye-popping visuals.

Since the early Nineties, however, a CD replete with outtake cues and dialogue fragments has become a must-have item for all serious soundtrack collectors.The value of music on a man's emotional life has been generally recognised.

Its essence being the harmonious production of melodious sound. The primitive or the unsophisticated man, after the day's toils and troubles, found ease and relaxed in music and dance: rhythm itself is a great tranquilizer.

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News on Japan, Business News, Opinion, Sports, Entertainment and More. The Social Importance Of Film One of the greatest aspects of any form of art are the social experiences that can come from it. and video games. I wrote this article to express the personal and cultural importance art, such as film, has with people.

Many people these days are willing to write off art as frivolous and unimportant, but nothing. In my opinion, music is without a doubt one of the most important parts a movie. There are many crucial features that any good movie should jump to content.

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A personal opinion on the importance of music in film
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